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Mosaic Weekly Article

December 14, 2020

Will they, won’t they, or more precisely, when will they???? Those are the questions that we are asking ourselves. It’s not a matter of will we get a stimulus deal, but when? Simply put, the political talking heads are jockeying for their own agendas at this point. We know we will get a package, but like any political tug-of-war game, what will actually be “included” in the whole thing is the debate. We all know they want to go home and be with their families for the holidays, so a deal will happen in my opinion. We will just have to endure the noise until it actually comes together. Meanwhile, more States and Cities are closing down restaurants, bars and businesses.  Their respective employees are feeling this pain as the year winds slowly down. Clearly, more help and support are needed until the vaccines can become more widely distributed.

The markets have moved mostly sideways this week with a few up and down days scattered around. It is evident that the stimulus discussions and vaccine headlines are the markets lynchpins at the moment. We continue to read positive headlines as it pertains to what 2021 will bring from an economic perspective and that is encouraging. I do believe, however, that the stock markets will be driven, primarily, by how quickly and effectively the vaccines become available and what, if any, side effects occur.

We all feel pent up and the longer this drags on, the worse for wear we will be. Patience and laughter are the best medicine that we can take right now. In fact, I’ll take 2 doses of that please!

Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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