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Mosaic Weekly Article 04/16/2021

April 20, 2021

Another interesting week is in the books and as has been the case as of late, we have plenty to discuss. Our financial markets continue to steadily climb as earnings season has kicked off on a positive note. The continued “re-opening” of our economy still dominants the headlines, despite increased pandemic concerns across several states. One key measure we watch is the volatility index, commonly referred to as the VIX. Today the VIX is hovering near the lower end of its normal range at around 16.50. This time last year it sat around 38.50, clearly our “fears” sit in a different place.


Crypto currencies, Blockchain, Coinbase – What does it all mean? Steven, an advisor in our office, has created an informative webinar on such topics and I invite you to click on the link below and view this excellent material on our YouTube channel. We have all been bombarded by this terminology over the last few years and we simply cannot avoid the discussion any longer. As always, our intent is to keep our clients informed on all things financial as best we can. Education and understanding remains at the core of our principals and we hope this video helps to explain some of the “mystery” behind this technology. This week, Coinbase (COIN), became the first publicly traded company involved in the crypto currency craze and serves as the first real way, outside of owning the digital currencies themselves, to potentially invest in this trend. I believe this may be the beginning of a new phase in the digital currency world to come. Stay tuned.

On the political front, things seemed to have settled down for now. While there are some broader, global concerns surrounding Russia and the Ukraine, things here at home were relatively quiet this week. I welcome that as I am sure many of you do as well. President Biden has indicated an eagerness and willingness to discuss the major infrastructure spending bill he has put forth. I believe in the weeks ahead the rhetoric will ramp-up as the show hits the road to garner support.

 We continue to see clients in our offices and welcome the opportunity to see you in person. Our entire staff has now been fully vaccinated. For our clients out of state, do not worry. My Southwest credit card will soon be put to good use once again. I am very anxious to get out and see everyone, while maintaining proper safety measures of course!


For those of us here in the Mid-Atlantic, I have one simple question for you – are you ready? They are coming – The CICADAS!! Oh, the joy and the noise they will bring!! I only hope I can keep our dogs from eating too many.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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