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Mosaic Weekly Article 05/30/2021

June 01, 2021

WOW, it is already Memorial Day weekend, and we are quickly moving full speed ahead into summer. Vacations are planned, schools are winding down and the Cicadas are all around (in the Mid-Atlantic) reminding us that Mother Nature is still in control! Personally, my wife and I are getting ready to watch our oldest son accept his high school diploma and move onto the next stage in his life as he heads to Auburn in the fall – War Eagle!

Our financial markets regained some footing over the past week which has been reassuring to a degree, but we know the volatility is far from over. As our attention span shifts with the warmer weather and more freedom, we still have a lot to consider on our financial plate. Listed below are the things we are keeping a close eye on.


Themes we are watching as we head into summer:

  1. Infrastructure Bills and spending on the Hill.
  2. Looming Tax discussions and potential increases later this year.
  3. A recovering economy here in the U.S., while the world is slow to get going again.
  4. Job and growth numbers here and abroad.
  5. Inflation and the Fed – What happens next?
  6. Summer fun, travel adventures and consumer spending.

We have discussed and addressed many of these topics over the last several months, but like everything in our world right now, the winds continue to shift. As always, our investment strategy is to remain tactical as needed, and make sure your long-term goals stay on track. Taxes, spending, and the Fed movements carry the most-likely potential for volatility in what I believe will be a quieter summer for the markets in general. We will be watching and digesting!


I want to thank our clients and friends who have given their time and service to this great country. While we may not always agree on things during these interesting times, there is no question we must honor those who have fought and died for our freedoms. These sacrifices are what allow us the ability to disagree and are a founding principal upon which makes this country so strong. As we gather together again in the coming weeks, it is important take a moment to reflect upon those freedoms and sacrifices so many have made. Perspective is an important part of what makes us human.

Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend.

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