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Mosaic Weekly Article

August 09, 2021

The surprise for us all this week was that jobs are actually being filled, at least that what the monthly data is showing. For July, the unemployment rate dropped to COVID lows, while the number of new jobs being created grew above expectations.  I’m not sure how you are feeling, but from where I sit, it doesn’t appear to be true. “Help Wanted” signs are still plentiful, restaurants and shops remain closed for extra days, and our service levels have not fully returned. Those observations are not taking away from the individuals who are working hard and providing the goods and services we want and need, it is just the reality that exists with a workforce being stretched to the extreme. I cannot speak for the numbers themselves, it is just the experience many of us have felt first-hand. What’s real and what’s expected, can often seem miles apart. From my vantage point there is still much to be rebuilt. It is encouraging to see our nation continue to move in the right direction, let’s just hope the current variant doesn’t push the train off the tracks.


These economic indicators and measures will be a continued source of Covid recovery updates. A renewed interest in “Fed watching”, followed the early Friday headlines as many people in power positions would like to see a reduction in the easy policies currently in place. With the Delta variant still creating a new level of near-term uncertainty, broad policy and economic measures will most likely continue to remain unchanged. In the upcoming week, we still have a large amount of corporate earnings to report, but as we have seen so far, there have been few to little surprises. Consumer sentiment and the CPI (consumer price index) are key metrics to watch.


Summer vacations are in full force for some and winding down for others. The start of school and the harsh reality of life and work in the new era, post-Covid, are in sitting in front of us. Many employers are beginning to mandate vaccines and placing tighter controls on “in office” appearances. Much has changed in our daily routines, some for the good and some for the worse. Either way, we all are continuing to adapt.  Life marches forward. In our home, we are preparing to send our oldest to college and will be moving him in on Monday. A new adventure awaits us all.


We hope you are enjoying whatever adventures are on your plate in the weeks ahead!

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