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Mosaic Weekly Article 9/11/20

September 11, 2020

Our investment world continued to see more volatility this past week, led by the technology sector. As we noted previously, this type of trading activity has been expected and even welcomed. Next week will bring a fresh new wave of IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings) in the enterprise software, gaming and health tech sectors. We will be watching this new  IPO “activity” closely to see how investors are positioning themselves in the current market environment as well as the overall big picture. We know there is still cash on the sidelines waiting for the right IPO opportunity. The political race continues to tighten, especially in the hotly debated swing states, and it still seems far too early for any predictions.


Today is a day of reflection for me personally. On this day, 19 years ago, I lost several friends and colleagues in the tragic events that unfolded over the course of a few hours. Like most of you, I can recall the specifics like it was only yesterday. That fateful day impacted and changed many things in our country and abroad. One thing is for certain, we weren’t as invincible as we thought we were. Our ideals and views are not universally shared and that is important to remember in the big picture. I’ve been thinking about how much has changed since then and how much has not. My children have asked my wife and I several times over the last 6 months if we have ever experienced anything like what we have been enduring throughout the pandemic. They have even mentioned 9/11 as a reference point. No, I tell them, we have never experienced anything like this before either. But what I do express to them is that we, as humans, are very resilient and we adapt.


In the weeks that followed 9/11, we each felt a range of emotions from mourning to loss to anger. But, in those emotions, a great sense of patriotism and togetherness came forward in ways that we could not have ever imagined. Our strength in numbers, our willingness to look after one another was simply amazing. It was truly all about lifting each other up.  We need that feeling again.

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