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Mosaic Weekly Article 9/18/2020

September 18, 2020

We saw our first, live glimpse into our two presidential candidates and their respective platforms this week via separate “town hall” style gatherings. Clearly, there is a stark contrast in both messaging and delivery. From what I watched and read; things went as expected from both parties. The real action will begin on September 29th when both candidates will appear live in person together at the first televised debate. Grab some snacks and sit tight, things are about to get very real!

The market activity over the past week was another mixed bag of ups and downs. The Federal Reserve reiterated their low interest rate stance for the foreseeable future and that was met with a muted and tepid response from the stock market. Our broader economy continues to heal, but a slow-down of some type is certain to occur in the coming months, in my opinion, as colder weather creeps in and we are forced to spend more time in our “proverbial” lockdown. Our rising national debt levels are a growing concern but at what true cost to our collective future? The easy flow of money and support have helped to bolster the recovery and more appears on the way. Both presidential candidates are proposing new spending packages as part of their respective platforms, so our national debt levels are sure to increase no matter who takes office early next year. The “kick-the-can” down the road mentality regarding our national debt levels is alive and well, that much is certain.

Stay safe and enjoy the cooler weather.

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