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Estate Planning

“Planning for today will prepare you for tomorrow.”

The importance of estate planning is often overlooked as people believe they don't have sufficient assets to worry about. We can't predict the future, but most of us want to make things easier for those we leave behind. You need to think about the "what ifs" even while you are still. There are a number of issues to consider when planning for today and tomorrow:

  • Who will care for my children if they are still minors and/or have I designated a person to handle my affairs if I become physically or mentally disabled?

  • How will the distribution of assets be managed between taxable and income tax-free assets, life insurance, personal property, real estate, sentimental items, and businesses?

Do you want to leave a charitable bequest?

How will the dissolution of my business be handled?

Should a trust be executed for children or should the assets be passed outright?

Do I have the correct beneficiaries on my accounts to be consistent with my distribution wishes?

The questions can be endless but in most cases, people need a Will, Power of Attorney document, Medical Directive, and possibly a Trust. Working with your tax and legal advisors, we will help coordinate your investment strategies to help ensure that your plan reflects your wishes for your legacy.

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